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Welcome to Lagos APPEALS eLibrary!

A Knowledge Management platform under Lagos APPEALS project which is designed to generate knowledge from project activities, and facilitate knowledge acquisition and experience sharing from within the project and across the world. It sees knowledge as an important currency and values its operational experiences as opportunities for learning for both staff and external partners.

Lagos APPEALS Project Digital Library (eLibrary) is a set of documents available through electronic means by the use of digital technologies that allows for the retrieval, archiving, preservation, and dissemination of Lagos APPEALS Project documents.

The platform is for effective creation, collection, and dissemination of technical knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned, which are no doubt critical to a successful project implementation.

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The process of handling library activities manually is accompanied with time wastage and unnecessary stress. With regard to the aforementioned, the computerized system of handling library activities makes most effective use of existing library manpower and resources for the benefit of users.